The Asia-Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association provides a professional development and engagement network for sales, business development, marketing and communications practitioners working for the leading professional services firms in the region.

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2017 APSMA Annual Conference 'Designing Through Disruption'

1 June, Hyatt Regency Hotel Kowloon, Hong Kong
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm (followed by cocktails)

Disruptive innovation can create new markets or transform old ones. So are you going to let the game change on you – or will you be the game changer? 

Choose your own APSMA adventure 
The 2017 conference brings you experts and industry leaders sharing their first-hand experience with you. In addition to the two panel sessions, you can select from a menu of up to four 30-minute espresso learning workshops with focussed, practical sessions and key actions you can implement right away, including:

  • Crisis Communications – The Cost of Not Saying Sorry 
    Paul Marriott, Chairman of Asia, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
    Ann Hung, Senior Director, Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
    Using case studies and proprietary research to analyise of how different decisions made in response to a crisis can significantly impact the value lost for a business and the time taken to recover.
  • Life’s a Pitch 
    Greg Paull, Principal & Co-Founder, R3 
    How to successfully pitch your offering and close more business. 
  • Power in Negotiation 
    Wai Lau Asia-Pacific Head of Consulting, The Gap Partnership 
    Of all the skills required in business there is one that transcends the rest: Negotiation... 
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Trends and InSIGHTS

Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

by Susan Basset at Arcadia Consulting

In a world where professional services firms are increasingly opting for regional and global reach, the need to be responsive to cultural differences has skyrocketed. Whilst being culturally savvy has always been critical to local and cross-border business success, there is enormous room for improvement in this area; countless oversights are still made, so in an era where global mobility of talent is at an all time high, there is significant pressure on firms to respond to cultural nuance.

Please click here to read this article about cultural intelligence from our friends at Arcadia, which offers a pathway to better cultural intelligence within our respective firms. Arcadia works with clients to help them design their culture and capability by focusing on mindset, communication and mobilisation.

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